WiniGolf 1.0

Simple, free 3D mini-golf game


  • Features 36 holes
  • Easy to play: everything is mouse controlled


  • Perspective changes with every shoot


WiniGolf is a simple 3D mini-golf game that you can play either on your own or against some friends on the same computer.

It features a total of 36 holes with slopes, corners and other elements to make them more challenging.

Also, you have permanent information about your number of hits and current par on the game's status bar.

WiniGolf certainly doesn't have brilliant graphics but it's perfect for a short break.

It's all controlled with the mouse, so it's very easy to play. On the downside, I didn't like the fact that it automatically changes the shooting angle every time you hit the ball – it's really misleading.

WiniGolf is a decent 3D golf game with support for multiplayer and a total of 36 holes. Try to beat your own personal record or play a championship against a friend on the same computer.



WiniGolf 1.0

User reviews about WiniGolf

  • by Anonymous

    I was mad about this game! But I lost it. Now I see it after 10 years! Thank you very much! God Bless ...   More